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Having spent most of my career as a leader in nonprofit affordable housing development in Southern California, I am continuously in awe of the sophistication and compassion that nonprofits bring to housing development. Yet, despite the thousands of affordable units built and the resources dedicated at the local and state level, it is not enough to address the housing and homeless crisis in the U.S.

We need more housing. We need more resources.
And we need more organizations at the table.

Many nonprofit service providers across the country provide essential care to people in need and are compelled to do more to help their clients with housing insecurity. These providers are often well established and have deep knowledge of their communities and clients, but frequently lack the real estate expertise to develop housing.  Excelerate was formed to bridge this gap.

I launched EXCELERATE HOUSING GROUP to tap into the EXCELLENCE of local nonprofits and build their capacity by providing them with experienced affordable housing developers and consultants who bring real estate expertise to these organizations. These partnerships will allow us to ACCELERATE the production of housing across the country.

I am overflowing with excitement to work
with the new Excelerate Team, our Advisory Board and our future partners. 



Quote 8 - Garcetti.jpg

Mayor Eric Garcetti

City of Los Angeles

Quote 5 - Robin.jpg

Robin Hughes

President & CEO

Abode Communities

Over the last 15 years, Dana Trujillo has been an invaluable asset to the affordable housing industry in Los Angeles."

With Dana Trujillo at the helm, Excelerate will no doubt have a deep and meaningful impact in addressing the homelessness and housing affordability crises we face as a nation. Dana has demonstrated her innovation, creativity, tenacity and passion to bring solutions to the industry.”

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